Thursday, July 06, 2006

Illustration Friday 063006 : Sticky

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Sigh. I ran out of steam again. Started to work on this last weekend and was happy with the shell, but had no time at all this week, hence the (all-too-phallic) snail's resemblance to one of the unformed pod people from Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

We had a slightly surreal close encounter with a slug a few months ago. It apparently climbed up the front door, came through the letterbox (in British houses, actually a hole cut in the door), squeezed itself past the metal barrier, descended to the hall carpet on the other side, then made its way under the radiator and over 6 pairs of shoes before crossing the threshold into the living room, where it had slimed its way a couple of yards along the living room skirting boards before we discovered it, looking very sorry for itself. Its epic journey from the front yard was reversed in a matter of seconds. Kind of sad, really...

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carla said...

That's quite a story! That slug was lucky to have found such a sympathetic reception:> I like your slug, and I probably wouldn't have thought phallic unless you had mentioned it...the shell is really quite nice!