Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Illustration Friday 070706: Skyline

Click here for a larger version
Click here for a larger version

The Brits among you may recognize this as the Tyne Bridge - the famous Newcastle landmark that has recently found itself in competition with the newer, ingeniously-designed Millennium Bridge, and the Sage Gateshead, a futuristic concert hall, both only a couple of hundred yards away. To anyone familiar with Newcastle, the detail of the arch and the distinctive lamps will be enough to identify the location.

This is a manipulated version of a photo I took a few months ago.


MiJa said...

I really like the play on the positives and negatives. And the structure of the bridge is just beautiful! I hope I can travel out there one day to see it in real life! Great work!

steve said...

Nicely manipulated photos! Funny, 'cause where I'm from originally (Pittsburgh, PA), we've got tons of bridges like this, and you're using the officail city's colors here as well.

carla said...

I really like the effect you achieved with this! The bridge has a strong graphic quality, and the backgrond color is rich. Nice!